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100% Cashmere | Number of plies: 2

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208.99 €

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100% cashmere, 2 ply.
A stylish buttoned waist coat cardigan, featuring two patched pockets for a classic look.

100% Cashmere

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Back lengthSleeve lengthChest width
XS 61 cm / cm 45 cm
S 62 cm / cm 47 cm
M 63 cm / cm 49 cm
L 64 cm / cm 51 cm
XL 65 cm / cm 54 cm
2XL 66 cm / cm 57 cm
3XL 67 cm / cm 60 cm

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About us and our values

Cashmere is love at first touch. You will feel its delicate softness, smoothness, and warmness - you will also find out soon enough that what you have in your hands is something extraordinary.

We are a small family company that started with importing of cashmere clothing from Nepal in 2011. The quality and uniqueness of our products are the reasons why we gained customers from all across the globe. Our product range is handmade from cashmere fibres, whose median diameter thickness does not exceed 0.0155 mm.

Clothing made of this special material is not the cheapest, especially if it is handmade from the best fibres. A cashmere sweater is nevertheless a long-term investment. If well cared for, cashmere clothing retains its qualities for many years without fading or stretching, making it a possible inheritance for the next generation.