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Summer style round neck sweater. A beautiful design highlighting this elegant style. 5 cm tubular finishing on cuffs and 1 cm 1x1 ribbed hem.
Made with a different technique for knitting than we usually use. There is more space between the yarns and the sweater becomes lighter and softer.

Best of the best. Egyptian cotton is for centuries known as a best cotton in the world. The ideal humidity and fertility of the area along the Nile delta allows for the cultivation of very rare Giza 45 cotton. Giza 45 is the queen of all Egyptian cotton and accounts for only 0.4% of whole Egyptian production. This rare kind of cotton is extremely soft. Perfect garment, especially for spring and summer. Giza 45 combines the freshness of cotton with the softness of cashmere. Despite their softness, Giza 45 cotton fibers are very strong. This combination guarantees excellent durability and cashmere feeling.

100% Premium cotton Giza 45 2 plies
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XL 68 cm 21 cm 48 cm
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3XL 70 cm 23 cm 53 cm
4XL 71 cm 24 cm 57 cm