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How to Properly Care for Cashmere Products

Cashmere blog Peter Greša

As with every type of wool, cashmere requires regular care. It is a luxurious material with amazing aesthetics and utility, but improper care can damage it beyond repair.

Basic rules of caring for cashmere clothing

-Cashmere maintains its amazing qualities by being given some air. Do not wear the sweater two days in a row. Make sure to give it at least one day to breathe.

- Never wash cashmere at temperatures higher than 20°C. Only in temperatures under 20°C can cashmere clothing maintain its shape and avoid shrinkage. If you decide to wash it in an automatic washing machine, always use a program for wool with a temperature of up to 20°C. If possible, wash the sweater in your hands. Do not wring it in your hands, instead use the spin cycle of your washing machine at max 1000 RPM. For washing, you can use baby shampoo or a special type of shampoo for wool.

-Has lint appeared on the sweater? Lint formation usually affects new sweaters. It is not a problem exclusive to cashmere, as it is a potential issue with every woolen product. After the second or third washing, it should completely disappear, but there are also other ways to get rid of the lint. You could use a soft brush and we also have good experience with electric lint removers.

- Never dry a washed sweater in direct sunlight or in a dryer. Irreversible changes in the fibres can occur. The sweater can shrink and lose its softness.

- Cashmere clothing doesn't have to be ironed and we do not recommend ironing our products.

- The most important piece of advice: always pay close attention to the label on your product.