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History of the Most Expensive Natural Fabric - Cashmere

Cashmere blog Peter Greša

The history of cashmere is the history of luxury, beauty, and elegance. Handwoven cashmere scarves have marked an elite allegiance ever since the Middle Ages. Cashmere sweaters and vests were the basic pieces of clothing for every English gentleman.

What is the history of cashmere? Cashmere does not come from the eponymous Indian province, as its name would suggest, even though weavers have been making amazing, colorful scarves here since the sixteenth century. Cashmere comes from the high Himalayan plateaus of China and Mongolia, where the cashmere goat lives. Its coat (more specifically its undercoat) is the basic material used to produce cashmere. A six months long winter with freezing that often reaches temperatures of -40 °C gives the goat's coat unique features that are appreciated in the entire world - softness and warmth.

Cashmere in European countries

Cashmere has been known in Europe since the times of the Roman Empire. It has always been considered a special material and has often been called the "fibre for kings". According to written accounts, it was a favourite fabric for kings and emperors. One of them was the famous Napoleon, who gifted his second wife Joséphine pashminas - scarves made out of cashmere. She is also credited with discovering a method for distinguishing between an authentic and fake pashmina, with the real one being so soft that you can fit it through a ring.

The new era of cashmere in Europe began in the nineteenth century, when pashminas from the Orient became fashionable in Paris. Afterwards, French and English spinning mills started processing raw cashmere imported from China. Cashmere has been becoming a popular item in the fashion world. The twentieth century saw increases and decreases in its popularity, while the twenty-first century has seen a rising demand for high quality natural fabrics. You can find the best cashmere products in the world right in our online store.