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Cashmere: The Origin of the Name

Cashmere blog Peter Greša

A frequent question from those who are interested in the history of cashmere as a fabric is why exactly it's called cashmere. Why is the luxurious natural fabric that has its origins in Nepal, Mongolia, and China named after the Indian province? 

The reason is simple. It was in Kashmir where these beautiful and elegant cashmere scarves were first woven. The cashmere wool was brought by merchants, who travelled the Silk Road from China. The work of the cashmere weavers was valued all across the world.

It is important to mention that for a long time, India was one of the foremost producers of cashmere products. However, today, the cashmere industry in India is waning and most of the pashminas (which tourists from India import thinking that it is 100% cashmere) are knock-offs made from synthetic fibres.