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Is an Alpaca or Yak Sweater Better Than Cashmere?

Cashmere blog Peter Greša

While our focus is primarily on cashmere, we also added other premium natural fabric items to our product line-up in 2014 - yak and alpaca clothing. Is their quality comparable to cashmere?

Like cashmere goats, yaks also live on the plateaus of the Himalayas, up to 5,600 meters above sea level. To survive these rough conditions, they have a very special coat. The softness of yak sweaters is similar to ones made of cashmere. According to some, they are even softer. When comparing sweaters made from these two materials you will realize that they are very similar. Yak sweaters are just as soft as cashmere sweaters, and they are similarly warm too. They are also cheaper than cashmere.

You will notice a greater difference in the case of alpaca clothing. The alpaca is a llama that lives in the Peruvian Andes, up to 4,500 meters above sea level. The fibres of its coat have special features just like the cashmere ones do. One llama provides enough yarn to produce several warm sweaters. This is why they are more affordable. They are more likely to develop lint, which can be removed with a brush or an electric lint remover. We have also been able to perfect the production process in order to avoid lint.

Both the yak and the alpaca lack the worldwide recognition of cashmere, but products made from these fabrics are of very high quality and they are becoming very popular. If you are planning on buying a warm and soft sweater, these two premium natural materials are also an ideal choice.