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Maintaining Competitive Prices and Extraordinary Quality

Cashmere blog Peter Greša

We understand that price is often a very decisive factor for customers. We do not strive to be the cheapest, but our goal is to make luxurious and comfortable cashmere clothing which is still affordable to customers who would normally choose sheep wool or synthetic clothing instead.

Maintaining low prices by selling without middlemen

We work hard to avoid costs. There are no unnecessary middlemen. We do not work with wholesalers or distribution companies. Our goal is to deliver the best quality handwoven cashmere products to our customers' hands in the fastest and most direct way possible by having exclusive representation in every country where we choose to do business. is our exclusive representation for the United Kingdom (however, we do ship worldwide). Thanks to this business strategy, we can afford to offer prices lower than our competition. 

Some world renowned cashmere brands offer products of the same (or often of less) quality as we do, but despite this, their prices tend to be several times higher than ours. Their retail prices reflect massive marketing investments. With us, you are not paying for a logo, you are paying for first class quality.

We don't save money on customer care and support

Many retailers can afford lower prices due to subpar customer care. We are different. If the size or colour does not suit you, or if the product simply didn't fulfill your expectations, we will exchange it or give you your money back without unnecessary questions.