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What Is the Quality of Our Cashmere?

Cashmere blog Peter Greša

The sweaters and scarves that you find in our store are all made from 100% cashmere wool of the highest quality. What does 100% cashmere (also called pure cashmere) mean? Are there any standards that determine the quality of cashmere?

Indeed, there are. According to international agreements, the only cashmere wool that can be labelled 100% cashmere must have a median diameter fibre thickness lower than 0.019 mm and shouldn't contain more than 3% of fibres with a median diameter fibre thickness higher than 0.03 mm.

All cashmere products offered in our online store contain fibres with a diameter of only up to 0.0155 mm. For comparison, the human hair has a diameter of approximately 0.075 mm and sheep’s wool has a diameter of approximately 0.025 mm.

Avoid buying cashmere through big retail chains, as for them, the fibre diameter does not have to comply with this criteria. Specialized cashmere boutiques provide a much higher probability of high quality products.